Monday, December 30, 2002
      ( 3:55 PM )   by David Barker  
Coming soon...


Friday, December 27, 2002
      ( 3:43 PM )   by David Barker  

What's The Word For When They Remake A Classic But Update It Or Change the Time Period, You Know Like The Mikado on Mars or a World War II Romeo and Juliet?

I just saw Treasure Planet. Yee-haw, what an adventure! Yes, lotsa CGI (or "CG", as the "professionals" would have it) but man, it's sailing ships in outer space, with cyborgs and aliens. And it rocks! And there's rocks!

Nicely done, lots of fun and I believe I enjoyed it just as much in its own way as The Two Towers.


Friday, December 20, 2002
      ( 1:12 PM )   by David Barker  

Amtsirchsay Yrremay! (it ain't Elvish...)

Generic Winter Solstice Period Good Wishes to you and yours!

Thursday, December 19, 2002
      ( 4:09 PM )   by David Barker  

Lord of Lord of the Rings, Unredundantly

Saw 'The Two Towers yesterday with friends.

Oh, man.

I loved it. Gollum was flawless. Flawless! The Battle of Helm's Deep was perhaps as grand on the screen as I first imagined it years ago on the first read, sometime around 1969-1970.

Ah, Rohan! Edoras. Meduseld. Eowyn! Grima, you bastard!

Osgiliath! My god, what a beautiful city it must have been!

If you didn't like it, if you can't, then you are a cold soul, indeed. Heartless, perhaps hearthless, dispirited, undone and sorrowful, I cannot relate to you. Begone, and the warg you rode in on! And don't take any candy.

If they had to make a movie out of Lord of the Rings, and sooner or later they did - and they will again, and I don't just mean Return of the King - then this was the way to do it.

So it wasn't a faithful retelling of the books! Duh! It isn't the same medium. It has different constraints and different freedoms.

So they played with classic relationships and left out some episodes near and dear to my heart, so they didn't film the damn appendices or the Silmarillion. So what.

It was a noble effort, gratefully received, enjoyed and appreciated.


Check out Debbie Ohi's Blatherings...


Saturday, December 14, 2002
      ( 1:30 PM )   by David Barker  

Hate To Agree Because I Haven't Seen the Movie Yet...

Roger Ebert, of the Chicago Sun-Times on 'Star Trek:Nemesis'...


      ( 11:33 AM )   by David Barker  

NaNoWriMo Word Count



Friday, December 13, 2002
      ( 10:57 AM )   by David Barker  

Still Not Laughing! But You Should Be!

Snood High Score so far - 9918! Hooray for me! for me! or me! me! e! (that's a reverberant echo....)


Wednesday, December 11, 2002
      ( 3:07 PM )   by David Barker  

Nothing To Laugh At! - Wait, Yes It Is!

Snood High Score so far - 9262!


      ( 1:14 PM )   by David Barker  

So Again With The 'I Forgot To Blog This...'

A few weekends ago Reid and Luisa let me housesit their cable TV and highspeed Internet while they were in Thorold (Luisa's 'hood) for her erntieth birthday. I really wanted to watch some more of '24's first season, but I also wanted to try and finish my NaNoWriMo entry by midnight that Saturday. (I didn't make it. But still working on it.)

Michael had introduced me to the new game 'Age of Mythology' - from the people who brought you 'Age of Empires' - and he left a note by his computer on how to start the game.

Well, I got the darn thing going but I couldn't find a tutorial and the online help is very Nortel or Microsoft. Even though it was interesting wandering around in the game without knowing what I was doing, I didn't get anywhere.

When they all got back on Sunday afternoon, Michael and Ronnie both showed me what to do and then, with Ronnie as my coach we played a LAN game. I failed to win.

It was still fun and interesting though. That was also the weekend I got hooked on the crack cocaine that is Snood. Rrrr.

Sunday, December 08, 2002
      ( 3:01 PM )   by David Barker  

Stupid Snood!

Stupid Snood!

Thanks, in reverse sarcastic order of evil influence, Reid & Luisa, and Debbie.

I have descended into a pit of despair and felony over this game, and my life already has more woes than Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.


Wednesday, December 04, 2002
      ( 12:52 PM )   by David Barker  

Thunderbirds Are Go!

Oh, man! All my coevals, you gotta check this out! The Thunderbirds series from 1964 has (still?) an official website. It was easy to find throught imdb. And Jonathan Frakes is set to direct what appears to be a live action movie with production to start early next year. Look at me, I'm walking like a Thunderbirds guy! Hey, did you see the one where they moved the Empire State Building? And wasn't Lady Penelope hot? And I say that as a former 7 year old. I just got glasses so I'll be Brains! Damn, that was cool. My leg doesn't hurt so much now that I'm happy again...

      ( 11:38 AM )   by David Barker  


So last night as I was on my way to the Toronto NaNoWriMo wrap party, I got run down by a drunk on a bicycle. I was walking west on the south side of Queen St and crossing Bond St, [a day after posting and it's not Bond, it's Bovril or Oxo or something, Bond is north-south from Queen north...dwb] which is the north-south street immediately east of St. Michael's Hospital. Suddenly I'm on the ground with pain in my lower left leg, and so is this drunken middle-age asshole with no helmet or light.

He'd been riding west bound on the south side of Queen, against traffic and turned left on Bond, and on me. He was so pissed he didn't know what had just happened, and like a goddam fool, I helped the assassin onto the sidewalk and got his bike off the street and put it against the office building. A few minutes later I thought, "I should have just trashed the bike and called the cops. Rrrrrr."

I'm fine but my shin and calf muscle are a little sore.

Yes, I did exhaust my swearing repertoire. And I haven't been so scared or angry in a long time. Christ.

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