Monday, February 09, 2004
      ( 11:22 AM )   by David Barker  

Ouch, Dude! Seriously, Dude! Ouch!

My young friend Michael broke his leg last week while skiing, just a few days before the family was due to go away for a week in the Dominican Republic.

He's thirteen, so you can imagine what's going on in his head : guilt, recrimination, probably feeling a little bit of a whole lotta stupid. Maybe us grownups can tell him not to fret himself, but it's only natural. Poor guy.

His right leg's in a cast from his toes right up to his hip, I think. He got to choose the colour and glow-in-the-dark was an option, so that's what he got.

I'll tell ya, I felt pretty useless when I visited him on Saturday, which is probably nothing to how Reid and Luisa feel, and his father, Steve. Michael's pretty much confined to the living room couch because he can barely get around and only then with help. He's putting on a brave face - we played Space Munchkin - but there were times when the pain was bothering him.

I've known this guy since he was four - both him and his nine year old brother are cool kids. Which says a lot for the parenting.

Anyhoo, long story short, I feel terrible because a friend is injured and I can't do much about it, but I can't begin to imagine how his family actually feels.

And then Debbie Ohi goes and breaks her tharibular runulus (on the armal appendage somewhere...I think), just when she was recovering from punishing tendinitis. She's a web-goddess and a writer, fiction and non, and basically makes her living with her keyboard. She's got ViaVoice, but she prefers hands on.

I'm sure she'll be fine but it must be terribly frustrating for her to have this happen right now, just when she was recovering.

Get well better, Debbie!

And Michael!

Sunday, February 08, 2004
      ( 11:26 AM )   by David Barker  

This Is True Literally.

I get the email referred to here and I love it. This bit below is a new free service the guy offers. It's maybe 50 characters of javascript code copied from his website. The story shown below will change every day. Cool.


Not pessimized for Netscape 4.7 (it's personal)

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